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7 Easy Recipes for Summer Picnic

Summer season is almost here, and the old picnic basket will need a dusting. Children will have a summer vacation, and the picnic places will be open for families and friends. This is the time for you to learn new recipes that you and your family can enjoy this summer. From quick snacks to refreshing beverages, there is a new list of recipes in every course. Here are some fresh recipes that you can try out making for picnics this season.

Grilled corn and bean salad

A perfect healthy lunch for your family while you can relax under a tree and enjoy playing card games. Smokey barbecued corn mixed with black beans, chickpeas, chopped chillies and onions is a healthy mixture. Add a pinch of salt, half lemon, red pepper, and a bit of pickle juice is needed. The more you chew it, the more flavours you will experience.

Chicken rice paper rolls

Similar to a burrito, this recipe is a wrap of chicken, vegetables, and rice. It is a Vietnamese-style roll which fills itself with chicken pieces, vegetables, rice, and sauces for a handy food item. Try out different sauces, mayonnaise, and chutneys with it for maximum satisfaction.

Caesar club sandwich

A classic beach dish – Caesar club sandwich is not difficult to make if you have all the items you need. The best chicken for this sandwich is the breast. Put layers of crispy pancetta, arugula, dried tomatoes, and well-sliced chicken breasts and add sauces/mayonnaise for flavours.

Egg muffins with an oatmeal crust

Prepare oatmeal crust with by baking oats with vegetables in the shape of cups. Now break an egg into these cups and bake for another 2 minutes. Garnish with black pepper, a pinch of salt, and oregano if necessary. It is a healthy snack which provides the protein from the oats and eggs which offering a muffin texture.

Italian chicken pasta salad

It is a simple chicken and pasta recipe, which can be a nutritious lunch for a picnic. It needs chopped vegetables and chicken mixed with sauce and pasta. It is a quick recipe which will not take more than half an hour to get ready, although the chicken will need advanced preparation to cook properly.

Chilled buttermilk flavours

Buttermilk is a great beverage choice for summer days. It is refreshing and can cool your body instantly. There are different flavours of buttermilk that you can try out making, but the best one is the spiced buttermilk. You can also try out chilled corn, peach, and basil buttermilk. If you keep the buttermilk thick, you can eat it as a soup instead of a beverage.

Chocolate cheese sandwiches

Introduce a cool combination of chocolate and cheese with this simple recipe. Melt the chocolate (dark chocolate preferred) and apply it on the bread slices. Add a slice of cheese and put the sandwich in the toaster. Both kids and adults will love this new flavour of a cheese sandwich.


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