Weird Food Combinations
Weird Food

5 Weird Food Combinations that Taste Amazing

The invention of new dishes has not always been a well-thought plan. Many popular dishes that we enjoy today are the result of people trying to make the best out of the items they have left for food. Did you know that sandwich was invented by a hungry gambler who did not want to leave the game, so he asked a waitress to get him some meat between two slices of bread? People enjoy different combinations of flavours that may not suit everyone’s taste. But anyway, this is a list of some weird food combinations that you can check out if you are bored with the norms.

Dorito Sandwiches

Another sandwich invention is adding chips to a sandwich to get another layer of crunch in every bite. Doritos are the most preferred chips by people who have tried out this recipe. At this point, we can even assume that Doritos can probably taste amazing in any type of sandwich. Even for a PB&J sandwich, Doritos can do magic for your tastebuds.


Oreo and Orange

Orange and chocolate have recently become a popular combination which is liked by many. But have you ever tried oreo with orange juice? It is one of the strangest experience that your tastebuds can get. No matter how weird you feel about it, there is something unique about this combination that will at least keep you hanging till you finish your juice.

Chocolate and cheese

If you have not tried this heavenly flavour yet, you should look out for it in any restaurant that is selling it or make your own. All you need is some dark chocolate but not too dark, and a slice of cheese. Put is between two slices of bread and toast it up for a melting chocolate-cheese flavour.

Bread, butter, and sugar

If you have nothing for dessert after dinner, then this can be your saviour for the night. It is a sweet combination of saltless butter and sugar with bread. You can even use sprinkles and cream for the change if you want to add a little more texture to it. It is a classic alternative for your bread and butter during breakfast and a quick dessert at night.

Strawberry on Pizza


Have you ever been haunted by the dreams of pineapple over pizza? It was a trend which did not last long as the majority was offended by this combination. While we have been recovering from the trauma of pineapple on pizza, another weird flavour that got introduced recently is strawberry on pizza. If you can imagine warm strawberries with melted cheese and tomato sauce, you can surely give it a try. However, there is no guarantee that you will love this flavour. People have different tastes, and so far, the reviews for this combination has been on the positive side.

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